It’s Time.

A wise man once said, “The antidote to rigging an election is to come out en mass to vote” and if we choose to go by this saying, there are a few essentials we need to go along with, as we go to our polling units tomorrow.

  • Your PVC: This goes without saying because, why even go to the polling unit at all if you don’t have this? Unless you have ulterior motives, and we know you’re not like that. 😉
  • Comfortable shoes: It is really hard to find anything more discomforting than having to stand in line, wearing uncomfortable shoes. Oh! the horror! *shudder*
  • Water bottle: It is important to your health that you stay hydrated at all times, especially when you’re standing out in the sun. Don’t play yourself.
  • Power bank or a smaller phone: We don’t know how long you would be out there for, and one thing you don’t want to do in this city is be caught walking around with a dead phone.
  • Earphones: Sometimes you need to block people out for your own sanity, or just listen to great music to calm your nerves and clear your head. Seeing as a clear head helps with decision making.
  • Face caps: The sun. The sun! You really don’t want all of that scorching heat in your face, please take a face cap.
  • Some money: Anything can happen, people. What if you get a little hungry? Or your water finishes? Or you need to take a bike home sharply? Stay guarded, friend.
  • Sunshades: Because, you know, fine boy.
  • Additional ID card: Just in case you need to answer the “Do you know who I am?” question you’ve been asking people on the line since. But seriously, take your ID.
  • T-Shirt: Find your easiest piece and slip it on, as far as there is no political insignia on it. Maybe even one that says “I come in peace”. If you don’t have one, just log on to and get one now, you’re welcome.
  • Your Manners: Be polite to everyone you meet at the venue. A little please here, a little thank you there and everyone is happy. Don’t fight. Remember, election no be war.

We really hope that you stay safe out there, vote for your chosen candidate without prejudice and may the odds forever be in our favor.

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