How to Spot an Original T-shirt.

Most of the time, people equate price with quality; so, if a T-shirt is expensive, it is original. While this is a valid way to check the quality, it is not always true.

Below are some other tips and tricks to check the authenticity of your T-shirt:

  • Check for Transparency: No, not with the company, lol, with the fabric. The density of the fabric is a huge identifier of its quality. Put it against a source of light to see how transparent it becomes. The more transparent, the less density.
  • Touch It: Feeling a material is one of the easiest ways to tell its quality. Make sure it is soft but equally firm and doesn’t feel like plastic. However, checking for softness alone is tricky so, keep your eyes open for other details.
  • Squeeze It: Squeeze a part of the fabric tightly in your hands for a few seconds and release. You should be looking out for a balance between wrinkly and all smooth.
  • Check the Stitches: The higher the number of stitches, the better. Also, turn it around and check the stitches; are there any loose threads? Is it laying flat? These are telltale signs of poor manufacturing.
  • Check the Label: More often than not, the labels indicate what the material is made up of and if it has been mixed with anything else. this would help in your decision making.

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