Different ways to rock your black skirt.

Black is such an all-round color, for a color that is said to be “the absence of color”.
The color black represents strength, seriousness, power, and authority but can also represent mystery, sexiness, and sophistication.

With that in mind, you can choose how fierce or chilled you want to look at any time, while wearing a black skirt, all you have to do is pair it right. Here’s how:

  • For a professional look: When you’re wearing it to the office or for a meeting, pair it with clean, properly tailored and fitting button-down, long-sleeved shirts, preferably white or light blue. Make sure it is neatly tucked-in and pair with muted accessories (no hoops or dangling earrings). Avoid open toe shoes with unnecessarily tall heels.
  • For a casual look: Pair with a bold color Tshirt, avoid anything baggy and throw on a pair of flats. It is totally acceptable to be elaborate with your accessories now. But remember, moderation is key.
  • For a night out: Make sure that the color of your shirt is popping! maybe even metallic. Add a pair of strappy heels and accessorize abundantly.
  • For a classy romantic look: Wear a flowy, feminine top with details like lace, flowers, and frills. Pair with closed toe pumps and vintage accessories and you’re ready!
  • For a tough look: Match the black skirt with masculine pieces like a fitted jacket and a studded belt to create an edgy look. Opt for black or a really dark colored top. Accessorize with heavy bulky jewelry and a strappy heel or heeled boot. For extra measure, throw in dark shades.

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