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Shirt Tips For Slim and Short Men(Below 5’7”)

Here are tips for men who don’t want their shirts to make them look smaller 1. SHOP FOR SHIRTS MADE FOR YOUR SIZE We’re not just talking about buying things labeled “S” or “XS” here. Your shirts should be tailor to fit your size. When shirts are bigger that the person wear it, it automatically […]


Cool Ways To Wear T-Shirts Better

T-shirts have come to become a part of our daily lives, both for the young and the old. This beautiful piece of art can be worn in different ways but what makes a person wearing a T-Shirt stand out is “how” he/she rocks the t-shirt with that cool pair of trousers, skirt, shorts, etc. Here […]


3 Facts To Consider When Picking a T-Shirt

Picking a T-shirt in Nigeria seems like an easy task, I mean all you need is the size and you’re ready to go… Oh well, I wish things were that simple, you must worry about the fit, the fabric type, the length and even sometimes a simple such as the size could be a herculean […]