5 Things You Can Do In Lagos This Easter.

Easter is here again! The Easter period in Lagos, Nigeria is more often than not, anticipated with excitement because of the tremendous fun that comes with the break. There are usually lots of activities and events lined up to celebrate the season and tons of delicious food. 
As such, it is time to start planning for the holiday. From organizing a fun get together at the beach, a road trip with friends or weekend getaway at a resort with the love of your life, these are some fun and relaxing activities you can enjoy this Easter;

  • Family Activities: Before now, everyone has been busy with their individual lives, the parents at work and the kids at school. With the break, now is a great time for everyone to partake in some quality family time and engage in activities to help strengthen the bond. Examples of such include an egg hunt, cooking together, family game night, telling stories or a family movie night.
  • Resort: This can work for everyone, whether you are in a relationship or not. You can spend your break at a cool and quiet resort, getting massages, sipping champagne by the pool, swimming, reading a book and basically just chilling.
  • Events: There are a lot of events lined up for the break, so you can attend whichever one catches your fancy. It is also a great opportunity to network and make new friends, depending on the event.
  • Road Trip: Because of the holidays, there is a huge chance that the roads would be free. So, now is a great time to take that road trip with friends or family, make memories and have the adventure of your lives (At least till the next holiday).
  • Date Night: Sometimes, people’s busy schedules can tend to put a strain on their relationships. The break is a perfect opportunity to rekindle that romance and have a perfect evening for you and the love of your life. Something quiet, personal and romantic!

We really hope that these suggestions help and that you have a really fun break!

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Have an amazing holiday!




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