5 Things NOT To Wear To An Interview.

You probably have heard, more times than one, about what to wear to an interview. As important as that is, almost equally important is what you should steer clear of. No one really pays any attention to what you should not wear/do but not to worry, that’s why we are here.

Confidence is key during an interview, and it’s hard to be confident when you’re feeling uncomfortable in your clothing. For instance, regardless of how you’ve heard that it is okay to wear a corporate dress to an interview,
if you’ve never felt comfortable in a dress, you shouldn’t force yourself to wear one as your discomfort would show. Here are 5 things to avoid when going in for an interview;

  • Heavy Makeup: Except a position just opened up in the clown department and you’re trying to fill it, you should keep your look natural. Keep in mind that it is important to look your best so, aim to look refreshed and awake without looking too done up.
  • Headphones: It is totally okay to listen to music on your way to the interview, but once you’re there, stow them away for later as you do not want to be distracted or appear unfocused. You certainly do not want to still be fumbling with tangled cords as you try to shake the hand of your interviewer
  • Excess Jewellery: As with everything else in life, moderation is key. Stay away from hoop or dangling earrings, instead, opt for classic studs. Also, avoid layered pearl neckpieces and anything bedazzled. You want to appear polished and professional so just stay away from anything you can also wear to the club.
  • Too much perfume: You do not know the health history of your interviewer or if they have an aversion to strong scents. Better to err on the side of caution and go light on your perfume or cologne.
  • Bright colors: When picking your clothes for an interview, stay away from overly bright colors. If you want to pick a daring color, make sure to match it with another color that would tone it down. The goal is to make sure your overall outfit is conservative.

We totally hope that these tips help and that you ace your next interview.

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