5 Dresses To Help Hide That Tummy Bulge

We understand that there is a chance that you’ve been too busy with work and life generally and there hasn’t been any time to hit the gym and so, you might have developed a bulge around your tummy area, but not to worry, we can still make sure you look stunning while diverting attention from your tummy to other flattering features every time you step out with these few wardrobe must-haves.

  • Peplum tops: The tight fit near the bustier and the flare right near the waistline is exactly why the Peplum is a top style for concealing tummy fat as it diverts the attention away from the tummy and also gives room for the waist. Perfect!
  • A-Line dresses: An A-line dress of flowing material can hide the tummy bulge perfectly. You can choose to go with a multi-layered style or a just a regular free-flowing one with frills, lace or ruffles to cover the bulge effortlessly.
  • Kaftan: You just can not ignore the way a trendy and stylish kaftan sits on your body, totally hiding everything that you’d like to stay hidden. This is one style that can never go wrong on a lady, especially one with a bulge. Regardless of what you choose, a kaftan top, an asymmetric kaftan dress or a maxi kaftan, the draped details around your outline would be sure to give you a sultry look always.
  • Tunic and Leggins: While trying to draw attention away from your tummy, leggings are one of your best bets as they fit around your stomach perfectly as well as comfortably, which helps tuck it in to some extent. Moreover, with so many choices of tunics available in the market, you will never go out of fashion.
  • Loose baggy Tops: As much as we love how tight outfits accentuate the best parts of our body, we must also remember that they bring out the ones we don’t exactly want to show too. Keep that in mind the next time you go out shopping for clothes and focus on getting tops that will not be stretched tight over your belly. This way, you can step out both in style, and in comfort.

We totally hope that these tips help and that you find the style that works best for you!

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