5 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old T-shirts.

It is albeit arguable that, excluding underwears and socks, t-shirts are the most common items of clothing in the world and as such, are present in their huge numbers in almost every home.

T-shirts are usually the go-to uniform for a family reunion, sports event, church group event, school trip, and the likes and more often than not, these kinds of shirts are only worn during the occasion or a few more times after that.

However, because we have some kind of sentimental attachment to these shirts, instead of tossing or donating them, we let them take up space in the drawer, sometimes, more space that things we regularly wear.

This doesn’t have to be the situation. with these quick fixes, you can have it all; the tees and space!

  • Quilt: You can either do it yourself (If you know how) or get a professional quilt maker to sew all your old faves into a t-shirt quilt, thus keeping all the memories, acquiring a new quilt and staying warm; win, win, win!
  • Pom-poms: Making your old t-shirts into pom-poms is not just smart and creative, but also totally badass! Learn to make it here.
  • Throw-pillow cover: This is another great way to preserve your memories and add your personality to your space. For a square-shaped one, you can simply take the top half (neckline and sleeves) off, sew it on the sides from within, leaving one side open for the stuffing, when that’s done, neatly close it all up and voila!
  • T-shirt Bag: You can turn a t-shirt into a bag by cutting off the sleeves and the neckline area, tying both front and back sleeves together and sewing it closed beneath, easy peasy(well, kinda).
  • Workout Clothes: The bigger, the better with these ones. Step by step procedure here.

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