5 Awesome Activities For You & Your Kids.

It’s Children’s day in a few days and right before that is the weekend. So, plenty of time for you and the kids to spend together. Sounds like a lot of fun, (at least for the first 30 minutes, lol) but, here are some awesome activities you can partake in with the kids, to make the entire holiday fun!

  • Paper Laser Maze: This is a fun activity that your kids are sure to love. It entails coloring your paper tape in red and taping it in a maze-like fashion from wall to wall. The key is to avoid coming in contact with the laser maze. Very similar to “The Floor is Lava”
  • Molding with Playdough: Everyone gets five minutes to build an Elephant! This is both exciting and educational and it gets everyone’s blood pumping, trying to finish in time.
  • Painting: This helps keep the kids hard at work while mommy tries to make lunch or take a nap. Cool points can be awarded to who has the most colorful (and beautiful) butterfly.
  • Teach them to Bake Cookies: This can be both a teachable moment as well as an exciting one. You teach them basic kitchen etiquettes, how to bake cookies and cut them out in little fun shapes. Yum!
  • Build a Tent: Who says you can’t camp in your own house? All you need are blankets or quilts, pillows, and PVC pipes or clean bamboos and voila! A fun day for everyone.

We hope that you have an amazing time with your kids for children’s day and that they love you even more after. Do remember to follow us on all our social media handles listed below for more tips, tricks, and interesting content.

Have an amazing weekend!




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