5 affordable gifts you can get your mom for Mother’s Day.

Yes, it is Mother’s day in a few days and there is a huge chance that up until now, you still haven’t decided on what to get for her and it’s making you panic but that’s okay, relax. Because thankfully, Mother’s day does not necessarily have to be celebrated with an elaborate bouquet of Kadupul flower or the 105.6-carat Khor-i-Noor diamond (good thing too because you can’t afford it) lol.

However, here are a few suggestions of what you can get your mom for Mother’s day that she would remember for a long time:

  • Video: This is a very sentimental and emotional gift. All you have to do is a mash up of videos of happy moments of family members from family events into one or get everyone to say something nice about your mom while wishing her a happy Mother’s day, mash it all up and voila!
  • Need-based item: It’s not always about the size or price of the gift but about the thought behind it. So, think about something your mom has been wanting for a while and hasn’t been able to get for whatever reason and surprise her with it.
  • Customized gift: A lot of people appreciate customized gifts as this means to them that you thought about them specially and went ahead to get them something lovely that has their name on it. Don’t know where to get this? No problem. Visit http://bit.ly/2THMNf7
  • Jewellery: You do not have to break the bank for this. Maybe just a bracelet or a custume set for her next party. Either way, every time she sees or wears it, she’ll think of you.
  • Attention: Yes, that’s right, attention. Mother’s spend most of their time paying keen attention to everyone around them, dotting on their every need, day in, day out. So, on this special day, it would mean a lot to her for her to get all that attention back. So, even if you can’t get her anything else, spend this day visiting her, making her favorite meals, showering her with loads of love, care and attention and she would love you for it.

Whatever you finally decide to get your mom or that special woman in your life, we hope that she loves and appreciates it and that you both have the best Mother’s day yet!

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